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What Men Need to Know About Peptide Therapy

By Vitality Rx Staff
What Men Need to Know About Peptide Therapy
Talk of peptide therapy has been buzzing around between certain groups of guys in the know. You may have heard talk about this therapy that includes whispers of thicker hair, losing weight easier, building muscle, and getting a better bedroom experience with your partner. Sounds awesome, right?

If you don’t know anyone with firsthand experience with peptide therapy, you’ve got to be chomping at the bit to learn more about it. First, we’ll cover what peptide therapy is, its benefits, and if it’s right for you. If you want to learn more about its usefulness for helping to shed a few pounds or what it can do for you in the bedroom, look no further.

What Is Peptide Therapy?
A peptide is a chain of two or more amino acids. As the building blocks of proteins, they regulate different biological functions. So if you use peptide therapy right, you could biohack your health and achieve impressive results.

Peptides send the call to cells throughout the body and instruct them on what to do. For example, they send the message to perform functions such as accelerating muscle healing, reducing pain, and increasing excess fat burning. Peptides can also reverse the symptoms of sexual dysfunction.

Since peptides are the shot callers and instruct the body on which functions it should perform, peptide therapy is a way to kickstart the things your body isn’t doing as well as you want it to. Peptide therapy refers to treatments that increase the volume of a particular peptide in your body. The idea is to ensure that a bodily function, such as burning fat, is getting the signal to begin or to increase its efforts.

A few different methods can do this. Oral or topical doses of peptides are uncommon. Most peptide therapy is done with a small and painless subcutaneous injection.

What Are the Benefits of Peptide Therapy?
The list of the benefits of peptide therapy could go on for miles and miles. Guys doing everything they should to change something about themselves but still struggling for progress can experience faster improvements by trying this unique treatment. Here’s a partial list of peptide therapy benefits:

Slowing the signs of aging
An increase in strength and stamina
Lowers blood pressure
Faster hair growth
An acceleration in healing
A better quality of sleep
Reversal of sexual dysfunctions
A decrease in joint pain and faster healing
Sharper cognitive function and memory
Increased muscle mass

Who Should Consider Peptide Therapy?
For many men, peptide therapy has been exactly what they’ve needed to achieve their physical goals faster and easier. However, peptide therapy can enhance your life in more ways than just building muscle or losing weight. Bodybuilders and hopeful dieters aren’t the only demographic who’ve experienced firsthand what peptide therapy can do.

After consulting with your doctor about whatever particular issue you’re experiencing and not seeing progress, it’s probably time to consider peptide therapy. Some guys who could benefit from peptide therapy are those having issues with:

Inability to gain muscle mass
Trouble losing weight
Hair loss
Sexual issues
Sleep problems
Fertility issues
Wounds that won’t heal
Slow response to exercise
Anxiety, fatigue, and stamina
Problems with cognitive function and memory

How Do You Know You Need Peptide Therapy?
To rule out any underlying medical conditions, consult your primary care physician before starting a peptide therapy regimen. This type of therapy is for guys who’ve tried everything else and are giving it their all to achieve whatever goal they’re aiming for but keep coming up short.

If you’re overweight and diet and exercise aren’t producing results, peptide therapy might be the key to unlocking your weight loss goals. Guys who’ve not responded well to little blue pills could experience a hard and strong response with peptide therapy. Problems sleeping, a wound that won’t heal, or maybe you need an extra boost while working out? Peptide therapy is a wonderful option to get your body to do what you want.

How Is Peptide Therapy Administered?
Peptides can be administered in pill form, nasal sprays, or topical gel. However, the most common route is a subcutaneous injection for the best results. This method allows for the peptides to enter the bloodstream faster.

Before the first treatment, your peptide therapy specialist will teach you proper injection techniques to ensure you do it safely and properly. After this first lesson, you can self-inject in the comfort of your home. The needle is very small, and most patients hardly even feel a pinch when self-administering. The process is just a quick shot into the skin.

· Injection sites can vary per patient, but the most common places for injection include the thighs, the backs of the arms, or the belly around the navel.

· Mostly you’ll want to avoid areas with blood vessels and inject in fatty parts of the body.

· If your goal is to decrease joint or muscle pain, your doctor or peptide therapy specialist may advise you to inject close to the area requiring treatment.

Treatment plans vary by patient, but most require one shot daily.

What Does Peptide Therapy Actually Do?
You can consider peptide therapy as a way to boost your body’s natural signals to get something done. By encouraging cellular regrowth along with other factors, your body can heal faster, shed pounds, ease pain, or numerous other functions. Depending on the type of peptide administered, it’ll assist your body in doing whatever it does.

Many patients see results fairly fast. However, it can take 3 to 6 months to see optimal results. This is referred to as the loading period.

How Much Does Peptide Therapy Cost?
The cost of peptide therapy varies between providers. The factors determining cost include:

Type of peptide
Treatment length
Frequency of dosing

Some doctors and peptide treatment centers offer loyalty discounts and payment plans. It’s unlikely that your medical insurance will cover the expense; however, a portion may be covered for out-of-network plans. For more information about medical coverage, consult with your medical insurance provider.

What Is Peptide Therapy for Weight Loss?
Along with a healthy, nutritious diet and exercise, peptide therapy is a great addition to a well-rounded weight loss plan. If dieting and exercise aren’t helping you shed those pounds, adding the proper peptide could give your body the kick it needs.

The most common peptides prescribed for weight loss are:

Ipamorelin – This peptide helps to increase metabolism. It’s also known to help break down fat.
CJC 1295 – Not only does this peptide assist in breaking down fat, but it also helps with building lean muscle tissues.
Tesamorelin – It is a peptide that’s known to reduce body fat.
MOTS-c – This exercise-induced peptide promotes weight loss and helps to provide the body with more energy.

What Is Peptide Therapy for a Better Sex Life?
A loss of libido or erectile dysfunction issues won’t keep you from having an intimate and fulfilling sex life with your partner. With peptide therapy, you can go from avoiding sex to feeling like a teenager again.

One of the best and most recommended peptides to help guys in the bedroom is PT-141.

Also known as bremelanotide, PT-141 is a sexual do-all super peptide for men. Not only is it an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction, but it also helps to boost your sex drive. So while ED pills only help you to achieve an erection, PT-141 takes care of that while increasing your sexual desire.

Although ineffective for erectile dysfunction, Kisspeptin can aid guys in the bedroom. This peptide can increase sexual arousal, improve testicular function, and benefit men with fertility issues.

What Is Peptide Therapy for Stress Relief and Better Sleep?
Certain peptides have been proven to help relieve stress and anxiety. So if you suffer from either of these and traditional psychiatric medications haven’t helped, or you prefer not to take these types of medications, peptide therapy is an alternative.

A common peptide used for anxiety disorders is Selank. Among a list of other benefits, Selank has been known to:

Reduce anxiety
Enhances memory
Increases serotonin production

Do you have issues falling asleep or staying asleep? Peptide therapy with DSIP could be the solution to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. DSIP (delta sleep-inducing peptide) is known to help insomniacs experience deep, restful sleep. In addition to helping you sleep easier, it has other benefits. For example, DSIP can help with stress reduction and pain relief.

What Are the Side Effects of Peptide Therapy?
You should always consult your primary healthcare physician before beginning any medical treatment to ensure you’re healthy enough for its use. Overall, peptide therapy side effects are minor and are tolerated by most patients.

Injection-site peptide therapy side effects can include:

· skin irritation,

· redness,

· mild swelling,

· or rash.

Most patients report little to no injection site issues. Typical side effects, such as insulin, are similar to any other subcutaneous shot. Since peptides are a naturally occurring substance in the body, side effects other than those caused by the injection are extremely rare.

Other, although rare, side effects can include:

Water retention
Dry mouth
An increase in hunger (only when certain administering peptides)

Peptides administered as a topical cream or gel have the same low likelihood of adverse effects. Topical cream or gel peptide therapy users report almost no side effects other than minor skin sensitivity or rash. In addition, most patients incredibly well tolerate peptide therapies.

Is Peptide Therapy Safe?
Since peptides already occur naturally in our bodies, introducing them with peptide therapy is safe. Our bodies don’t see them as unnatural invaders and try to destroy or eliminate them. It’s FDA-approved for use when prescribed by a doctor and is well tolerated by most patients.

Last Thoughts on Peptide Therapy
It’s crucial that men take care of their health. For some, it’s a no-brainer. But many of us tend to put off going to the doctor or seeing a specialist until we absolutely have to. No reason losing weight, sleeping properly, or having more desire and interest in sex with our partner should stop of from seeking help.

If you’ve consulted with your doctor and there’s no obvious medical explanation behind whatever issues you’re facing, peptide therapy might be for you. It’s safe, has few side effects, and has multiple benefits. In addition, many men see positive results in a short time. So if you’re interested in doing something extra for your body, mind, and spirit, try peptide therapy.