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Men's Hormonal Health & Wellness

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We are excited to partner with UGP to bring you a very special offer to boost your performance and address your overall health and wellness. 

Our mission is to help men regain their vitality by avoiding the wasted time of going to the doctors office for testing and then delivering custom treatment kits right to your doorstep.

How do I know if my hormone levels are optimal?

That’s the biggest problem facing men’s health today: you have to jump through so many hoops and waste a lot of precious time to answer that question. That’s why we come to you to do a quick exam, full panel of bloodwork and provide a phone consultation with our Medical Director to review your results.

Hormone therapy or vitamin supplementation aren’t meant to be a one-size fits all. That’s why our team of medical experts will create a plan specific to your needs. 

Some indicators that you may have a hormonal imbalance or vitamin deficiency include:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • A plateau in strength training
  • Low energy levels
  • Weight gain (or stubborn body fat)
  • Lowered sexual desire

Here's How We Can Help

Our treatment plans consist of everything from rebooting your body’s natural production of testosterone, to prescription creams, to injection therapy to custom tailored vitamin plans. All closely monitored by periodic bloodwork and followups.

What's Next?

We’re thrilled to offer UGP clients a special 10% discount on our initial mobile exam, bloodwork and consult. (Normally $375)

The first and most important piece of the puzzle is this initial evaluation and there is no further obligation beyond that point. 

Just click below to schedule your convenient in-home exam and bloodwork. Enter discount code ‘UGP10’ to receive your discount at checkout. **If you’d like to do your initial exam and bloodwork at a UGP location just use that as your appointment address when scheduling

Let us help without the hassle and schedule your appointment now!

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