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Track and improve the most important biomarkers for maximizing men’s health with our cutting-edge at-home test kit.

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I can answer any questions you have about the company, our products, or hormone health, offering insights comparable to those from a Urologist, Endocrinologist, and Naturopathic Doctor combined.


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Vitality Coach does not source random information from the internet. It has been armed with carefully curated information and science from the foremost experts in the world on men’s hormone health as well as detailed product knowledge.

Hormone disruption is getting worse for each generation.

Don’t accept this or your symptoms as “normal aging.” Surviving is not thriving.

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30% drop in testosterone with no end in sight.

How we optimize men's health

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Start with our one click at-home test kit

Painlessly measure male hormone biomarkers from home
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Hop on a telemed consult to review your results

A Virtual call to review your biomarkers with our men's health physicians
VitalityRX Test Kit Products

Receive your monthly hormone wellness program

Personalized daily supplement packs, proprietary prescription capsules and access to our app to track your progress

Our ethos is optimizing men’s health by addressing the ROOT cause.

We’ve treated thousands of men, from veterans to retired pro athletes, and everyone in between.

Couldn’t be happier with the results

After my injury, my health took a backseat. I was at my heaviest weight and knew my hormones were also hurting. I heard about the Vitality test from a friend, ordered it, drew my blood which was actually easy, sent it back and found out my estradiol was high and my LH was low. The biomarkers convinced me I needed to change. Fast forward, I’ve been on their Reboot for 6 weeks and it’s changed everything. Cheesy but true, I’ve already had two of my friends sign up.

-Ali B., Former Professional Boxer

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My total T level increased

I was skeptical because I knew I needed help and thought TRT was the only solution but I didn’t want that drastic of a treatment. Not only has my T jumped to 550 (from the low 300s) but I feel amazing and I don’t have to worry about infertility since we’re still planning on having another child. Chas and the team made this experience easy as f@*k. Feel free to use that in my testimonial.

-Jake P., Former Navy Seal and father of 2

It's been amazing

I’m a dad of three young kids, in a demanding career, trying to balance everything. I was constantly fatigued and even spoke to my physician, who didn’t help. I wanted to see if my hormones were the cause and what at-home hormone treatments could be the solution. My journey with Vitality Rx started at 410 and now, after 8 weeks, I’m constantly around the 800s. You’re missing out if you’ve never had your testosterone in that range. My honest thought, I wish I didn’t wait 4 years before doing something about it.

-Chris M., Finance Exec and father of 3

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The VRx Prescription Compounded Capsule

VitalityRX Prescription Compounded Capsule


Blocks excess testosterone from converting to estrogen.

7-Keto DHEA

Supports metabolic health.


Boosts LH, which increases testosterone.


Increases muscle mass and strength.


Counteracts excess estrogen and increases sperm quality/quantity.

At Vitality Rx® our focus is on an integrative approach to optimizing your body’s performance.

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We combine biomarker diagnostics with telemed into a comprehensive program addressing nutrition, supplementation, exercise, and hormone treatments for optimizing men's health and wellness.
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Our personalized wellness programs consist of five pillars to maximize the potential for success

Hormone Treatment by VitalityRX

An At-Home blood test that changes the game

A truly painless, modernized home blood test

VitalityRX treatment package

Bespoke daily supplement packs

Addressing your foundational needs through personalized holistic solutions

An opened medicine capsule with its ingredients.

A proprietary prescription capsule

Promoting the body’s natural ability to improve hormone production and balance *in eligible states

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Vitality Rx App

Track and improve biomarkers, biometrics, and receive diet and lifestyle guidance

24/7 Access to Men’s Health Experts

You are in the center of a team of physicians, naturopaths, exercise physiologists, and behavioral experts who will guide you toward your best path forward

The Team Behind Vitality Rx®

Dr. Mehran Movassaghi

Dr. M. Movassaghi

Chief Medical Advisor
Dr. Garrett Wdowin

Dr. G. Wdowin

Medical Director
Chas Gessner

C. Gessner

Founder & CEO
Dr. Ryan Greene

Dr. R Greene

Medical Advisor
Dr. Akash Bajaj

Dr. A. Bajaj

Medical Advisor

Focused on Results, Not Symptoms

Besides the normal effects of aging, men are up against numerous nutritional, environmental and lifestyle factors that hold us back from operating at our best. Our programs are designed to improve how you look and feel without overloading you with medications or hormones. We’re results-driven and help men improve in a variety of ways.

We Make Men's Health Easy & Accessible

No doc-in-a-box BS. Just a personalized and holistic approach to get to the root of your symptoms instead of dangerous quick fixes or ineffective band-aids. It all starts with a painless and quick at-home test kit. Then we recommend a personalized plan to optimize your biomarkers and provide ongoing support and testing. On your time and your turf!

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