Everything You Need to Know About Testosterone Therapy


Low testosterone is a common issue among older men and something to be expected as men age. From age 30 onward, testosterone levels slowly decline from year to year – which can lead to a number of unpleasant health problems that should not occur with optimal levels.
Testosterone therapy offers a way to return your t-levels to where they normally should be. Ideally, therapy can help you avoid many of the side effects associated with abnormally low testosterone.

What is Testosterone Therapy?

Testosterone therapy is the administration of testosterone to optimize levels in the body. While the benefits may be many, it is important to maintain reasonable expectations when undergoing therapy. Balanced hormone levels will not necessarily deliver an overnight transformation but most men who undergo therapy report an improvement in their symptoms. Some may experience dramatic improvements, while others may only see gradual improvements. Regardless of how substantial the improvements, testosterone therapy is currently the best way to help men who are struggling with low- t.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone
Many men, especially as they get older, experience symptoms of low testosterone without realizing what’s going on. They assume that they are just aging and that the symptoms they are going through are just a part of that process. It can be surprising to discover that your loss of energy, low libido, problems focusing and other issues are the result of a hormonal imbalance.

Some of the most common symptoms of low testosterone include:

● Loss of muscle and bone mass
● Negative mood
● Problems focusing on tasks
● Low libido
● Loss of energy
● Weight gain
● Memory loss

Testosterone Therapy Side Effects
Is testosterone therapy safe? In the majority of cases, yes. But as with any medical treatment, there are potential side effects of testosterone therapy.

These include:
Sleep apnea
Enlarged breasts
Increased risk of developing a blood clot in a deep vein

Most men do not experience these side effects as long as treatment is properly dosed and applied. However, if you do notice any of these symptoms, it is important to stop treatment and consult with your physician.

Does Testosterone Therapy Work?
For most men who undergo testosterone therapy, there are noticeable improvements in their symptoms. Testosterone therapy benefits can include a reduction or a ceasing of the symptoms associated with low testosterone. Many patients report an improved libido, energy level, ability to gain and retain muscle mass, focus and other benefits. Results vary from patient to patient, but this therapy certainly works in most cases. That is why it is prescribed to so many men in both the United States and throughout the world who are suffering from low t.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Options
There are a number of ways you can seek to replace your testosterone, some more effective than others.

These include:

Creams & Gels: Rubbing testosterone creams or gels onto your skin can lead to the absorption of testosterone into your body. Many users complain of the smell and the messiness of using these products as well as it rubbing off on everything though, which is why other treatment options are often preferred.

Implants: Another option for testosterone treatment is getting testosterone pellet implants. These implants will dissolve slowly to administer testosterone into your body over an extended period of time. Implants can be painful and wildly inconsistent, however.

Injections: Testosterone injections are the preferred treatment option for most patients for a number of reasons. They allow for a direct administration of an accurate dose as well as maximum absorption by the body. Although the small pinprick of the needle can be slightly uncomfortable, it is often less painful than implants.

Where to Get Testosterone Therapy
When you realize that testosterone therapy may help you recover from the symptoms you have been experiencing, it makes sense to seek out treatment as soon as possible. There are several options to get testosterone therapy, including:

Your Doctor: Doctors can order tests for low t and prescribe testosterone therapy. Unfortunately, the results you get from going to your doctor will vary based on his/her personality and familiarity with low t. Your doctor may tell you that the symptoms you are experiencing are just part of getting older.

Hormone Therapy Clinics: Clinics devoted exclusively to hormone therapy can diagnose and treat low t. Getting to the clinic and seeing someone can be a hassle, though. And just as with going to the doctor, there is no privacy involved when you visit a clinic.

In-Home or In-Office Treatment:
At Vitality Rx, we offer a concierge-like service that comes directly to you. You can get your blood drawn and tested whenever works for your schedule, and you can get exactly the treatment you need in the comfort of your home.

Advantages of Vitality Rx Testosterone Therapy

When you choose Vitality Rx, you get the best in testosterone therapy at a time and a place that is convenient for you. A nurse practitioner will come straight to you to conduct a full health evaluation – including a blood draw to test your overall health and wellness. In a few days, you will know exactly what your levels are. If deemed necessary, we will then send a package to your home that includes everything you need to get your t-levels back to normal.

We are focused on giving you all the benefits of optimal hormone levels. Once we have your levels back to normal you may no longer need to undergo treatment – an approach that differs from most testosterone clinics.

Testosterone optimization from Vitality Rx may also be beneficial to your heart. A recent review by the American Heart Association found that not only does testosterone therapy not have adverse effects on heart issues…it can actually be GOOD for your heart.

If you would like to know more about our testosterone therapy options at Vitality Rx, please contact us. We are standing by to answer your questions and schedule your visit from one of our nurses. Soon you can be on the path to normal t-levels, and all the benefits hat come from the best testosterone treatment available. No traveling to get treatment. Complete privacy. Results you are looking for. Please contact us today to get started!

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