• The one-time fee for this entire process is:

Reserve your appointment and we’ll contact you to schedule your in-home exam and blood draw. After the telemed consultation, if you choose one of our treatment plans, the cost can range from $70 to $375 per month depending on what you need, with most programs lasting 6 months.

A Personalized Approach To Treatment

A Personalized Approach To Treatment

One size does not fit all. Because we take a very measured and personalized approach to treatment, we first need to conduct an exam and blood draw, followed by a consultation with our Medical Director, Dr. Wdowin. The one-time fee for this entire process is $99.

The one-time $99 consultation fee includes:

  • In-home (or office) physical exam
  • In-home blood draw & comprehensive bloodwork
  • Telemed (virtual) consult with Dr. Wdowin

Dr. Garrett Wdowin
Dr. Garrett Wdowin

Medical Director

A specialist in hormone-related conditions and age-related health issues. Dr. Wdowin is double board-certified in Naturopathic Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine, and fellowship-trained in Regenerative Medicine.