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Please select a date and time to speak with one of the Doctors on the VitalityRx team. We’ll ask some questions about your medical history and how you’re feeling before offering guidance on what you might be able to improve and how we can help.

Our programs, starting as low as $55/month, are designed to address the biggest issues we face as men. One of the VitalityRx Doctors will talk to you about how we can help you have better sex, better hair, and better hormones! We provide the following:

  • Diet and lifestyle recommendations
  • Custom vitamin support packs
  • Hair and ED prescriptions
  • Peptide programs (boosting natural growth hormone)
  • Hormone reboot and optimization protocols

How It Works

VitalityRx is a precision men’s health virtual clinic. We’ve combined concierge service with telemedicine to make improving how you look and feel more private, convenient, and accessible. We take a measured approach to create a personally tailored plan for each individual. You’ll hop on a telemed consult with one of our anti-aging and regenerative medicine specialists to discuss your history, symptoms, and form a personalized plan.

Areas we address but are not limited to are recovery from injury, sleep quality, improved energy, weight loss, better hair, better sex, better overall hormone balance, and function.

  • Schedule a Free Phone Consultation with one of our Doctors

  • Receive your Personalized Treatment Plan, Protocol, Custom Vitamins, or Prescriptions

Men’s Health Made Easy

We’re on a mission to transform what aging means to men. We’ve reimagined the doctor’s office to create the world’s first men’s health precision medicine virtual clinic. The old healthcare system is broken. From hospitals to the pharmaceutical industry and insurance companies, the models are based on diagnosing a pathology or disease after you get sick and only creating therapies to manage sickness. At VitalityRx our focus is on your HEALTHSPAN and we’ve streamlined a science-backed approach to combat the effects of aging through prevention and healthy living.