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Dr. Schuyler McHenry
Dr. Schuyler McHenry
Dr. Schuyler McHenry

Naturopathic Medicine
Men’s Health Expert

Dr. Schuyler McHenry is a Men’s Health expert and private practice Naturopathic Medical Doctor in Phoenix, Arizona. He attended Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine where he also performed his residency in Family Practice. Upon completion of his residency, Dr. McHenry went on to teach Men’s Health as an adjunct faculty member at SCNM.


Dr. McHenry specializes in treating diverse conditions such as

  • hormone deficiencies
  • chronic pain
  • addiction
  • metabolic disease (diabetes and heart disease)


The broad range of experience allows him to work with patients in identifying key markers on their health journey and guide them towards long-term and sustainable health.


Dr. Schuyler McHenry holds a Bachelor of Science in Fitness and Cardiac Rehabilitation from Ithaca College.


Ready For An Appointment?

One size does not fit all. Because we take a very measured and personalized approach to treatment, we first need to conduct an exam and blood draw, followed by a consultation with our Medical Director, Dr. Wdowin. The one-time fee for this entire process is $99.

What the one-time $99 consultation fee includes:

  • In-home (or office) physical exam
  • In-home blood draw & comprehensive bloodwork
  • Telemed (virtual) consult with Dr. Wdowin

Dr. Garrett Wdowin
Dr. Garrett Wdowin
Dr. Garrett Wdowin

Medical Director

A specialist in hormone-related conditions and age-related health issues. Dr. Wdowin is double board-certified in Naturopathic Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine, and fellowship-trained in Regenerative Medicine.

Reserve your appointment and we’ll contact you to schedule your in-home exam and blood draw. After the telemed consultation, if you choose one of our treatment plans, the cost can range from $70 to $375 per month depending on what you need, with most programs lasting 6 months.

  • In-home exam, in-home blood draw, & telemed consult