Give your patients more vitality.

Who We Are

Vitality Rx was founded with the mission to make hormone testing and treatment safe, transparent and much more accessible for men looking to regain their health and vitality. 

Our Medical Director, Dr. Garrett Wdowin prescribes each patient a customized plan that fits their health goals and needs without ever leaving the comfort and privacy of home. We also provide periodic in-home bloodwork and consults to monitor progress every step of the way. 

Hormonal balance is a foundational pillar of men’s health that’s often overlooked and misunderstood. Never before has there been an easier and more private way have testing done, receive guidance from a specialist and address hormone and vitamin deficiencies.

Chas Gessner, Founder

Dr. Garrett Wdowin, Medical Director

Vitality Rx combines men’s health and wellness with convenience and privacy.

  • In-home exam, bloodwork and consultation
  • Review of health findings via telemed conference
  • Prescribed treatment plans tailored to your goals
  • Delivered to your door every month like clockwork

We focus on hormonal health to give your patients a natural boost in four key areas.

We’re ready to partner with your practice.

Vitality Rx is proud to partner with Chiropractors in Los Angeles and Orange County to help bridge the gap between men and wellness. We offer special pricing for clients of our affiliates. If you’re interested in partnering with Vitality Rx, simply fill out the form below and you will be prompted to schedule a 15-minute phone consultation with our CEO and Founder, Chas Gessner.