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11 Best Grooming Tips for Modern Men

In today’s fast-paced world, you may only have seconds to make an impactful first impression. This is why looks are more important than they ever have been before. Whether you are going to work, school, or out on a date, your grooming can make all the difference in the end. That’s why it’s so important to put an emphasis on  your daily grooming habits.

While many modern men may think grooming only applies to your hair, proper grooming encompasses the hair on top of your head, facial hair, skin, and much more. Today, men are putting a focus on their grooming habits, and as of 2021 they are spending nearly as much as women on grooming products. If you’ve been thinking about taking your personal grooming to the next level this year, you are far from alone.

So if you’re ready to look your best, feel awesome, and impress your family, friends, coworkers, and perhaps even someone special, here are eleven best grooming tips for men. Follow these to look and feel your best!

Men’s Skincare

In years past, you rarely heard the words “men” and “skincare” in the same sentence, but that has all changed. As more research has been done regarding the benefits of using sunscreen, moisturizers, and even exfoliates, modern men like yourself can gain a great deal in terms of health and wellness by taking better care of their skin.

If you think putting lotion or moisturizer on your skin is something only women do, consider that most of today’s top actors, athletes, and business executives adhere to very strict skincare regimens each day.

In fact, personal grooming for men has become a big business for numerous companies, generating millions or even billions of dollars in sales annually.

You’ll reap even more benefits from your skin care regimen if you make proper lifestyle choices. Some things you can do include:

·        Stop smoking

·        Seek treatment for acne or other skin conditions

·        Eat a healthy diet

·        Drink plenty of water

Along with these lifestyle choices, here are some ways to keep your skin healthy and ensure you’ll look years younger than your friends.

1. Take Care of Your Hands

Yes, you can have well-groomed hands yet still look quite masculine when you reach out for that handshake or help your date be seated at a restaurant.

One of the most underrated grooming tips for men is to keep your hands moisturized. Whether you do lots of physical work each day or perhaps live in a climate where the air is cold and dry, it won’t take long for your hands to feel like sandpaper, with your skin peeling and cracking.

To prevent this, use a hand lotion containing antiseptic to keep your hands fresh and free of sores or infections.

2. Don’t Forget Your Nails

While you’re busy moisturizing your hands, don’t forget the nails on your hands and feet. To give them the TLC they deserve, invest a few bucks in a nail brush and nail scissors. The scissors will let you trim your nails so that you have an even cut and don’t damage the nails, while the brush will help you remove any dirt that’s accumulated underneath them and give them a cool and sophisticated polished look.

3. Use a Facial Soap

Contrary to what you and most other men have probably assumed over the years, not all soap is alike, nor is all the skin on your body. One of the top tips for men’s grooming is to use facial soap.

Facial skin is much more sensitive than the skin on other parts of your body. So, as a result, if you’re using that same bar of soap on your face that you do for the rest of your body, you’re using soap that is much too harsh for your facial skin.

Over time, this can damage your skin, leaving your face looking and feeling less than ideal. However, if you invest in facial soap, you and whoever runs their hands across your face will notice the difference.

4. Embrace the Power of Exfoliation

Another of the best grooming tips for men is learning about the power of exfoliation. When you exfoliate, you remove dead skin cells from your face. New cells take their place as this happens, meaning your skin will always have a fresh and youthful look.

Easy to do and take only a few minutes, you only need to use an exfoliating scrub once weekly to see great results.

Exfoliating is also best if done in the mornings. While doing this, you can also use your facial wash to help clean your skin, revitalize it, and prepare for the day ahead.

5. Listen to Baz. Wear Sunscreen

To get the most from your skincare routine, it’s good to remember the best times of the day to do certain tasks.

For example, before you step out the front door and put yourself under the sun’s glaring UV rays, make sure you’ve applied an ample dose of sunscreen to your face, arms, and other parts of your body where your skin will be exposed for a long time.

6. Moisturize

Moisturizer is not just for women; it’s also an essential part of any skincare routine for men. Moisturizer helps hydrate your skin, preventing dryness, itching, and flaking. It can also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve your skin’s overall texture and appearance.

Using a moisturizer is not a “girly” thing; it’s a simple and effective way to care for your skin. Additionally, moisturizing can help prevent skin irritation caused by shaving and help to soothe and heal any existing irritation.

It’s also important to use a moisturizer with sunscreen during the day to protect the skin from harmful UV rays. Last but not least, apply moisturizer to your skin before bed since this will help your skin heal while you sleep.

Overall, moisturizer is an essential component of a man’s self-care routine, and it’s a simple step that can make a big difference in the overall health and appearance of your skin.

Men’s Hair Care

Once your skin looks and feels great, you also want to do the same for your hair. By getting regular haircuts about once per month and keeping your hair trimmed, you’ll not only look and feel better, but you’ll also help your hair stay healthy.

This can be crucial if you are beginning to experience hair loss or are concerned about this happening as you get older. If you are experiencing early signs of hair loss, remember that many professional treatment options are available today.

For example, you can get tested to see if low testosterone or other hormonal imbalances are behind your hair loss. Moreover, you can use certain vitamins specifically designed to help prevent balding and many other options.

As for grooming tips for men who lose hair on top or want to have a headful of healthy hair year after year, here are a few top hair grooming tips for men.

1. Don’t Wash Your Hair Daily

Unless you are sweating profusely each day and your hair gets very dirty on the job or elsewhere, one of the habits of well-groomed men is not to wash your hair daily. While shampoo will clean your hair, it will also dry out your scalp and leave your hair feeling like straw. For the best results, try washing your hair no more than three times per week.

2. Don’t Choose a Combover

When discussing the do and don’ts for men’s grooming, a definite don’t is to choose the dreaded combover if your hair is thinning or going away altogether. Not only is it obvious to everyone what you’re trying to do, but it also makes you look years older. If you’re trying to impress someone special, a combover is almost certain to have them quickly running in the opposite direction.

If you need to, opt for a shorter haircut that gives you a clean and edgy look. Before you know it, you and your hair will get noticed for all the right reasons.

3. Nose Hair, Eyebrows, and More

Yes, your men’s grooming guide would not be complete without mentioning the need to trim your nose hair, eyebrows, and maybe even that hair below your belt.

If you ignore your nose hair, it won’t be long until those hairs get long enough to stick out of your nostrils. When this happens, it’s a given that whenever you are conversing with someone, they won’t hear a word you say because they can’t stop staring at your nose hairs.

Also, take some time to trim your eyebrows since you don’t want to be known as the guy with that unibrow.

Finally, a discussion of personal male grooming is incomplete today without discussing grooming below your belt. Yes, manscaping has become a popular trend in recent years. If you’re ready to become a truly modern man, buy a waterproof trimmer to take care of this while showering. After you’re done, apply some talc powder to reduce the chances of itching and chafing.

4. Find a Regular Barber

If you’ve found yourself always going here and there for your haircuts, you’ve probably noticed your hair is not always looking its best. When asking yourself how you can improve your grooming skills, one of the easiest things you can do is find a regular barber to always give you a great haircut. By sticking with the same barber, they can learn exactly what style of cut makes you look your best, what hair products work best for your hair, and much more.

5. Take Care of Your Beard

Should you have a beard, grooming will make your beard look and feel great.

If you’ve just recently grown a beard, the hair will feel very coarse and have your face itching almost nonstop. To stop this, use some hair conditioner on your beard just as you do on your hair. This will eliminate the itching and leave your facial hair feeling soft and smooth.

Beard oil and beard wax can also be beneficial since they help open up pores on your face and encourage fuller growth for your beard.

Of course, also make it a point to keep your beard neatly trimmed. To do so, buy a pair of quality beard clippers with several different length guards to let you customize your beard.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to trim your mustache as well. Your upper lip will quickly be listed as missing in action if you don’t.

The Impact of Wellness on Grooming and Self-Care

While you can get plenty of products that help with self-grooming, you must remember that making health and wellness part of your daily routine will also play a major role in your skin, hair, and body look and feel.

How do you properly groom so that you maximize your healthy lifestyle? Some things you can easily do each day include the following.

1. Wearing Deodorant

While you may think wearing deodorant is a no-brainer, you may be surprised to learn that many men choose not to wear deodorant or body spray. You’ll notice in a hurry if you wind up standing beside one of those guys.

Let’s face it; if you’ve taken the time to exercise regularly and keep yourself in great shape, it stands to reason that you want to smell good enough to make others want to be near you, especially someone you’ve had your eye on for quite some time.

2. Brush and Floss Daily

Just as people will notice how you smell, they’ll also notice that beautiful white smile or lack thereof. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables will help keep your teeth strong and healthy. To take your smile up a notch, brush your teeth at least twice daily and floss at least once daily after a meal.

Keep your smile in tip-top shape by going to the dentist regularly. Yes, nobody likes it, but regular checkups, scaling, and teeth-whitening will ensure you enjoy dental health in the long term.

3. Eliminate Those Dark Circles

Getting plenty of sleep will also help with your grooming since it will eliminate any dark circles that may form underneath your eyes. If you can, always try to get seven or eight hours of sleep per night. However, should you fall behind, you can always have a tube of eye cream on standby, instantly eliminating any dark circles or puffiness you may display.

Why Is Grooming Important for the Modern Man?

Grooming is important to today’s men because looking fantastic will help you feel your best. Today there are more tools and products available to help men with their grooming than ever before.

By caring for your skin, hair, and the rest of your body, you’ll see how great grooming combines with health and wellness to keep you looking and feeling incredible.