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Our Story

Like most men, founder and CEO Chas Gessner has been bombarded with a variety of treatments and products that promised to give men their energy, stamina and quality of life back as they aged.

As a former NFL player and Super Bowl Champion, Chas understands the importance of quality when it comes to what goes into the body and he was always skeptical about what these products contained.

Eager to understand more about hormone-based products, Chas spent time researching what men truly need to regain their vitality as they age. He discovered that most products on the market push testosterone as a one-size fits all solution and you don’t really know what you’re getting. The reason these products only work for some is because to truly reap the benefits, it’s important to find your specific optimal testosterone levels and track results. It’s nearly impossible to do this without oversight from a medical doctor. 

Chas saw a huge need for men looking to regain their vitality but do it in a safe, private environment. That’s when he partnered with Dr. Garrett Wdowin and Vitality Rx was born.

Our Medical Director

Dr. Wdowin (pronounced Dowin) is double board certified in Naturopathic Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine, where most doctors have only completed one or the other. Dr. Wdowin has also completed a fellowship in Regenerative Medicine. He specializes in hormone-related conditions and works with patients that are experiencing age-related health conditions. With over 10 years experience, Dr. Wdowin has helped thousands of male patients reclaim their health from aging-related issues.

Other Specialties Include: Environmental Medicine, Interventional Endocrinology and Nutritional Biochemistry.

Vitality Rx operates as and extension of Dr. Garrett Wdowin’s private practice and is the first of its kind, COMPLETELY mobile mens health service. We have streamlined the entire process to help you to avoid Doctors office waiting rooms, trips to the pharmacy and costly hidden fees. Schedule a private exam and full panel of bloodwork on your own turf with no further obligation and find out how we can make you look, feel and perform a million times better through a variety of personally tailored treatment options ranging from custom daily vitamins packs to hormone therapy and everything in between.

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