We believe hormone optimization is only one of the pieces to the puzzle. Just to name a few: Diet, Exercise, Stress Management and Quality Of Sleep are also very important to pay close attention to. In order to truly reclaim your vitality, your total health must be the focus.



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If I start testosterone therapy will I be hooked on it forever?

This question is asked a lot. Of course if you take nothing but testosterone consistently for a long period of time your body will think it doesn't need to produce it anymore and your natural production will shut down. If you let us manage your treatment protocol though, we will carefully maintain your program so that you are always going back and forth between testosterone and other supplements that will keep your testes very healthy and active.

Testosterone Therapy Linked to Heart Issues?

Dont take our word for it. Check out the comprehensive review by the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association that says that not only does Testosterone NOT have any negative or adverse association with heart issues but it actually is GOOD for your heart.